Completion of the Gem5 WebApp

Hello World!

After ten weeks of work, I have finally finished my project for Professor Lowe-Power and the UC Davis Gem5 team! Gem5 is an open source platform for simulating computer architecture. Different computer architectures systems have various different properties. For example, they may have different GPUs, run different OS types, be kernel based, or be atomic based. Therefore, different experiments will look different depending on the base architecture. The point of Gem5 is to be a versitile simulator which can simulate experiments on different architectures and my project was to create a webapp which could display these in a nice format. My first attempt looked like this:

Original attempt

As you can see, it was not great. My second iteration looked like this:

Second attempt

I showed it to Professor Lowe-Power, who said it was difficult for him to get data from the hovertext, since it wasn’t easy to copy and paste. The hovertext displays data about the test, such as the runtime and the reason for failure if it failed. Also, it was a bit of a problem that the text went away the moment you stop hovering over it! So I made some edits, and now it looks like this:

Final attempt

Rather than text appearing of you hover over one of the boxes, the text appears in the purple panel on the side if you click on one! This is now uploaded onto the gem5art repository, and will be downloaded whenever somebody wants to use gem5art!

Anyways, I’m very excited. I’ve done a lot of work for professors in the past, but this is the first time I’ve produced a tangible result! This is unfortunately the last of my work for Professor Lowe-Power. This next quarter I’m going to be working for Professor Schofields on robotics! That should be neat, but I’ll miss architecture.

May you be ever victorious in your endeavors!