Unsupervised Identification of Materials with Hyperspectral Images

Mira Welner
36th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Characterizing Pediatric Hand Grasps During Activities of Daily Living to Inform Robotic Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies

Marcus Battraw, Peyton Young, Mira Welner, Wilsaan Joiner, Jonathon Schofield
2022 IEEE 17th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR).



A video game system to assess advanced control interfaces for pediatric prostheses

33rd Annual UC Davis Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference
(Note: this conference was actually cancled due to lack of staff, but the poster was accepted and would have been presented)


Identification of Materials in Hyperspectral Images Using a Convolutional Neural Network Based Autoencoder

2021 Virtual Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference


Identification of Materials in Hyperspectral Images Using an Autoencoder and Relu Activation

2021 Virtual Ken Kennedy AI and Data Science Conference

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Migrating Controls Code from Java 8 to Java 11

2019 National Ignition Facility Summer Scholar Research Symposium


Awards, Scholarships, etc

2020 Grace Hopper Scholarship, allowing free admittance to the Grace Hopper Conference

2021 Provost Undergraduate Fellowship recipieant, a $1,500 research grant given to UC Davis students conducting creative research [award]

UC Davis Deans List Winter Quarter of 2019, awarded to top 16% of the college of engineering

1st place in the UC Davis Designathon throughout the college of engineering