Research Scut Work

In which I change research projects yet again, this time in the hopes of getting a publication, and get a bunch of D&D figurines! Read More


The end of Winter Quarter

In which I get the Provost Undergraduate Fellowship, get downcurved, and work on some algorithms for my AI project. Read More


The end of Fall Quarter

In which have a setback in my AI research, program a video game, get commissioned to code a website, leave HyperLoop, and finally finish my toughest quarter so far at UC Davis! Read More

Carnegie Mellon

Networking With Carnegie Mellon

In which I start my junior year, get a tentative research position for this summer at Carnegie Mellon University, program a video game to conduct physiological research on children, and take a class for PhD students. Read More



In which I compete in the MIT's annual hackathon online and develop a website which hosts a platonic tinder app! Also I network with all the awesome hackers there which was fun. Read More


The PennApps Hackathon

In which I compete in the University of Pennsylvania's annual Hackathon, develop a semi-functional app which detects if individuals are wearing masks or not based on survelence footage, and get in quasi-contact with a professor at Penn! Read More


Rise of the Cyborg

In which I finally succeed in getting the MyoBand to communicate with my robotic hand, and become a complete browser hipster. Read More


Setting up LAMP

In which I switch from Linux+Caddy to Linux+Apache+MySQL+PhP! I promise that this will be the last time I talk about making this site, but I wanted to talk a little more about front end web development because it's fun and interesting. Read More


My New Site!

In which I abandon WordPress for a Raspberry Pi Zero and a caddy server. Read More


The Hard Tech Fund meeting.

In which America is badly humiliated by a student from the Technical University of Munich who is astounded at how few opportunities for independent projects Americans are given. COVID comes up as well. Read More



In which I reveal my true nature as a supervillan Read More


Winter Quarter

In which I begin my research in robotics, and complain about a very hard class. Read More


The final research product!

In which I complete my research for Professor Lowe-Power, work on a Kalman Filter, and climb a tree while listening to the Battle Without Honor or Humanity Read More


Midterm Season

In which I study for midterms, get my bike tire stolen, and am generally very disgruntled about my current situation. Read More


Club Trifecta

In which I am a member/officer/president of far too many clubs for my own good Read More


First Week of School

In which I return to UC Davis for my second year, and straightaway begin working on the three clubs I am working with this year Read More


First Week at NIF

In which I begin coding an enormous laser beam, and learn about military security Read More