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A 21 year old MMA fighting computer programmer's quest to become a spacefaring engineer who develops new artificial intelligence models.

This site serves many purposes.

It allows me to put a link when people ask for personal website in applications. It is a fun project that allows me to improve my design skills. It ensures that anybody stalking me knows at least a bit about my interests. And it's a fun thing to work on when I feel like a break from my other work.


I have often asked myself this question.

My name is Mira Welner, and I am going into my third year at UC Davis where I am majoring in Computer Science Engineering. I hope to get a PhD in machine learning, specifically computer vision. I am especially interested in how computer vision can be applied to problems in space travel. Here's my resume.

Things I do.


I am working with Professor Schofield at UC Davis to study new ways for prosthetic limbs to function. I am the primary programmer on the project. I am currently working on designing a video game which allows us to test the efficiacy of prosthetic limbs on children while they play it. They game will connect with an ultrasound device on their arm.

Tagkopoulos Labs

There is unfortunately very little I can say about the research that I am conducting for Professor Tagkopoulos due to non-disclosure agreements. The limit of what I can disclose is that I am working on a project involving altering novel artificial intelligence systems so that they are able to be used for new and interesting tasks.

Study Engineering

While my labs and side projects are probably more interesting, a good portion of my time is taken up by classes. I'm currently a third year, and should be graduating in spring of 2022.

Things I've done.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

The summer after my Freshman year, I worked as a Summer Scholar for the Computing Division of the National Ignition Facility In Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. I worked with several programmers to update a Java codebase from Java 8 to Java 11. This codebase powered the National Ignition Facility, which is the most energetic laser in the world.

Gem5Art webapp development

I worked at dARCr labs, a computer architecture lab at UC Davis led by Professor Lowe-Power. I updated the lab's web application so that it would display their results more clearly, allowing them to conduct research more easily. My work can be found in their GitHub repository.


I was the president of OneLoop, the HyperLoop team at UC Davis for over a year. I led a 67 person team in designing a pod which to be raced in the HyperLoop competition held by the Boring Company and SpaceX at SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne. Last competition we placed in the top 21 teams globally. Unfortunately there were no competitions while I was president due to COVID (but if there were we totally would have won 😁).

NASA L'Space Academy

I was a member of the L'Space Academy, a NASA run program designed to give undergraduates working in a NASA-like environment. I was the deputy project manager for my team of ten engineers, and together we conducted research to design a mock proposal for a Martian lander.

Things other people have written.

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