Strangest Parts of UC Davis

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I’ve decided to talk about something a bit different this time. Instead of talking about what’s going on in my life, which isn’t much right now because finals, I’m going to talk about UC Davis. Not the normal stuff about Davis though – the strange stuff. Specifically, the strange locations. Because after living here for a year and a half, I have come to realize that this is a very strange place.

Strange thing #1: Kemper Hall’s two first floors.

Kemper Hall is an engineering hall with many outstanding attributes. One of which is that it has two first floors. I don’t know why, I just know that when you are walking downstairs, there are two doors, and they are both labeled floor one. One is always locked.

Strange thing #2: Political dialogue on the bathroom door

Unless you have been living with your head under a rock, you are aware that there is an issue with the quantity of women in engineering. This has resulted in some rather passionate dialogue on the inside of the women’s restroom in Bainer Hall.


Honestly though, before addressing the aforementioned wage gap can they PLEASE build us a bigger bathroom? Like I said before, there is only one stall in the women’s bathroom and three in the mens. In Kemper, they changed the only women’s restroom on the west side into a gender neutral one, which is definitely a good thing because there are very few bathrooms for non-gender binary people on campus. However, there have been two separate occasions where people have been using the space to make phone calls. I mean, I get there there are less than five people who go in there a day, but could you not?


Strange thing #3: Who is this man?

So I know that I brought this up in a previous post, but who is this guy near the Shields Library? Why did they decide to do a bizarre art piece rather than a regular statue or painting or something? Is he actually a real guy or is this just artwork? Is the the fabled Shields that this library is named after? Is he a Davis graduate who did some cool things? Is he a great warrior who saved the land of UC Davis from a barbarian threat? I’m so confused! Usually a monument to a person has a plaque or something, but not this dude!

Strange thing #5: Phone booths

Phone Booth

I get it, Davis is a nerdy town. There tends to be a fairly large overlap between anglophiles and nerds. But could somebody please explain why we have a bunch of British style phone booths all over town that contain NO PHONES? It probably has something to do with the fact that two of our busses were literally imported from London. There was actually a physical boat that carried two busses from London to Davis becasue we really wanted British style double decker busses. Many of the other Davis busses are designed to look like London busses even thought they were built here.

Strange thing #5: Why are there old phones in Kemper?

old phones

Okay so Kemper basement is ugly. Really ugly. It looks kind of like a WWII bunker, complete with the really terrible elevators that seem like they are going to break at any minute and could probably survive a bombing. Also, you know how when you put your arm out in front of an elevator door it’s supposed to stop? These ones don’t! You have to push pretty hard to make them stop closing. On top of that, the basement has these very old phones! Probably to make up for the lack of phones in the phone booths. Also, another Kemper fact: in the computer science tutoring room, there is a book of ancient Japanese poetry along with the coding books.

Strange thing #6: The Death Star

When I was in high school, the person who was in charge of schedules once arranged something in an unnecessarily convoluted way so that “things wouldn’t get boring.” This human misunderstood the point of class scheduling — it’s supposed to be boring. To keep things interesting, keep the classes interesting, not the order in which you attend them. The architect Predock who designed the humanities building, which is now called the Death Star, made the same mistake. They wanted people to talk and interact with each other by making the building so confusing that you are forced to ask others for directions. Were they aware that putting up interesting art of strange and provocative topics was probably a better way to get people to talk? Maybe, but I guess they thought that rushed and panicked dialogue about how on earth they ended up on a different floor without taking any flights of stairs and now they’re 15 minutes late for class was better. Death Starts Does this building look well designed to you? Because to me, it REALLY DOESN’T! CURSE YOU PREDOCK! Although it IS one of the greatest places on campus to have a nerf fight, and the nerf club has a game there every Sunday.

Strange thing #7: Why are our student dining areas named like resort buffets?

In recent years, more people have been coming to UC Davis and we have needed more dining halls. On the engineering side of campus, they are just about to open one named Latitude. This is wonderful and all, but UC Davis has a latitude of 38.5, which isn’t really one of the school’s more interesting traits. Why Latitude? It sounds like something in an area that wants to call attention to the fact that it is in a very tropical area, which Davis definitely is not. It’s a nice looking place though!

Now that finals are over, I should be posting more regularly.
May you be ever victorious in your endeavors!