The COVID Update

Hello World!

For those of who reading this who are Jewish: happy belated Purim!!! For those of you who are not (probably most people, there aren’t that many of us) it’s a Jewish holiday where you dress in costume, give your friends gifts of food, and some people drink a lot. There’s a really neat story behind it too, involving murderous chefs, an evil moustache-twirly adviser with a pointy hat, and a LOT of innuendos.


Unfortunately, few people know about this holiday which led to some serious complications. You see, the only costume I own is a fluffy unicorn suit. So I put on the unicorn suit and went to class, and began to notice people giving me weird looks. Then I realized what was happening: unless they knew what Purim is, people were going to think I was a furry. Oh well. Unfortunately, since Purim fell the week before finals I was unable to fully celebrate it by getting highly intoxicated, but you can’t have everything in life!

Finals were online because of the pandemic, which made the tests very different than I had been preparing for. The content was the same, but the structure was a bit different, and some were optional! The professors basically allowed everybody to ‘cheat’ by using the internet, but then made the tests harder, which I actually really liked. Since I’m a programmer I’m never going to have to solve a problem without a computer present, so it makes a lot more sense for me to do finals with a computer. This quarter will be entirely online, which is not ideal seeing as I am taking a circuits class which is supposed to be very difficult. It’s also going to be an issue since I have research, and all of my equipment is locked in Bainer hall! Once I get my equipment out of Bainer everything should be okay since I’m a programmer and all my work is virtual, but things will be slow until I can get my pi and my MyoBand out of the lab.

We had to evacuate Chevron labs in anticipation of the lockdown, which involved a horde of engineers rushing into Bainer and getting all of our equipment. We then shoved it in the back of a bunch of our trunks and all our stuff is in people’s houses. We are going to still be working on R&D, but building will have to be put on hold unfortunately.

These are certainly very interesting times to be alive. Stay safe, stay at home, and don’t get sick!