My new site!

Hello World!

It has been a over a month since my last post and that is because I was setting up a new website that I will now be using. I am officially done with wordpress! I am switching to, which is a site that I am running on my raspberry pi zero. I am using a njilla domain and a caddy server. I got permission from my housemates to redirect any https traffic that enters our house to my pi, and here we are!

Some reasons that I made the switch:

  • There are quite a few limits to what a person can do with wordpress. You can’t make the site look exactly how you want it to without paying a ton, and even then you don’t have as much independence as when you are writing the html yourself. My new site looks much better than the old one aesthetically, in my opinion.
  • I’m using the wordpress personal plan, which is 84$ a year. The pi zero was 10$, the sd card and power cord were 14$, and the domain is 36$ a year (well it’s really 30 € so the price will zxchange). So it’s much cheaper.
  • WordPress had a cutoff at 6GB of storage. This isn’t a huge issue since I wasn't using all that much space, but every time I would edit a page it would save a new version of the page as a form of version control! This took up a lot of space in the long run, which meant that I had to edit the pages as little as possible. This is irritating since I tend to make grammatical errors that I don't notice until looking back at the post. The pi has 8GB of storage which isn't much more, but it won’t keep causing problems whenever I want to edit a page.
  • WordPress has a very invasive user tracking system, which I didn't like using. Rather than the WordPress tracking system, I am instead using goatcounter. Goatcounter is much more respectful of its users, something you might not expect from a tracking system that refers to its users as ‘goats’. It simply tells me every day how many people visited my site, the size of their screens, and their browser rather than tracking their location in a rather 1984ish manner.
  • I’m really not very good at web development, so hopefully this will get me some practice.

There are some downsides however!

  • It will be a while until I figure out and have the time to create a system for letting people subscribe, and even at that point you won't be able to use a WordPress account to subscribe. So for now you will have to check the page if you want updates. That said, I should hopefully be updating more regularly on Sundays, so you can just check every Sunday.
  • SEO won’t be as good, but that will probably be pretty easy to fix so expect improved SEO soonish, and by soonish I mean in the next year.
At the end of the day, the main reason that I switched is because I would much rather be held back by my personal skill level rather than by a paywall, or by the limitations of the site that I'm using.

Thanks for visiting my new site!
May you be ever victorious in your endeavors.