A writeup about a writeup about a writeup of the code

Hello World!

My report

Unlike many researchers, I actually somewhat enjoy writing. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I'm decent at it and it's fun sometimes. That's definitely a good thing since research actually involves quite a bit of writing.

I was recently advised by Professor Schofield, my amazing robotics research professor, to take the summer off and just work for my CMU professor. I like this idea because as much as I love his lab I'd prefer to focus on my internship. So I documented my code for the next person because it's generally considered good form to do so when you are taking a break from a project. I certainly think I will return to finish up the program, but I might get carried away by a giant condor, or eaten by a Tazmanian Devil (a species which is going extinct btw).

So I wrote up a quick README about the code. It wasn't that big of a deal, I do it all the time. But then I had to write up a few different paragraphs, and in some case pages, about what my project was. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of getting a grant — because they give you money, they want you to talk about what you did. So I did that, but then they asked about the process of handing it off to the next person. I wrote about writing about the code. That was NOT fun because I already wrote it once, why did I have to write it again? I had to explain the way that I explained why I did the silly thing in my code?

And then I got the crazy idea to write a blog about my code. So here I am: writing about writing about writing about the code. Can't I just code????

The endless paper writing cycle

Here's another loop I'm trapped in: the endless paper review loop!

So you see, in Professor Tagkopolous's lab (and a lot of labs actually), you don't work directly with the professor. You work with a graduate student. So I wrote the paper with the student, and we reviewed the paper ourselves. We just sent it out to our PI for review. After he is done reviewing it, we'll review it ourselves. Then we will send it to a publication group for — you guessed it — more review!! Then it'll get published (we hope).

Raspberry Pi woes

You may have noticed that the site takes quite a while to load. That's because it's on a raspberry pi zero. I'm trying to upgrade it to a raspberry pi 4! I thought it would be simple as taking out the SD card and moving it to the new pi. But NOPE. World's gotta be complicated.

May you be ever victorious in your endeavors.