The Code Life

Hello World! Hope life has been treating you well.

I’ve been coding more this past week than I ever have before in my life, and it’s wonderful. I’ve been working on controls code for LLNL, designing a website for a friend’s mom, working on an app for fishing that this fisherman is paying me to do, and learning C++. I’m also studying cryptography which isn’t code but is certainly computer related. Anyways code is wonderful, even when you can’t get LSSserializer.write to accept an OutputFormat object as its second input.

gross code
Yes this is a real comment for code that I have actually read in real life.

There are three main issues when migrating code from Java 8 to Java 11. The first thing is the libraries. In Java 11 you need to import some libraries from jar files because they are no longer part of the included Java library. The second thing is the signatures. Some of the code went through signature changes, such as the vector class and my boss and I have been going through the code changing around the signatures. The part that is hardest, and in my opinion the most fun, is the unit tests. Writing unit tests for code that works is much for fun than writing code for pre-made unit tests! You just have to pass in a couple things to the code and see if they match the expected responses.

The website design is fun too, and fairly simple. It’s just front end design which is easy, the catch is that the webmaster is an artist! So I can’t just ignore the design, because she will definitely notice if it’s bad. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll either just ask her for a color scheme, or learn how to design myself and then run it by her.

The app for the fisher is still in progress – basically one of my LLNL friends knows a fisherman who is familiar with where the fish are in Minnesota at different times of year. Depth, lake, quantity, species, etc. And he wants to make an app for people to upload where they’ve found fish so others will know where to go. I’m not so sure how I’m going to charge for this, but I’m just really excited that I’m going to get somebody else to pay for my Google Developer, which, last time I checked, was 90$ a month.

I took a trip into San Francisco for July 4th, and got some definitive proof that SF is the best city on the planet. For example:

pit stop
builder statues

I guess it’s better than leaving the needles on the ground! I need to meet whoever designed that statue, because I’m fairly certain the men who actually helped design the cable car tracks didn’t look like Greco-Roman demigod/warriors.

gross code

I was also able to witness a beautiful Bay Area fireworks show for July 4th. It was so amazing that our beloved fog, Carl, showed up to watch as well. Who needs huge flaming explosions when you work at LLNL anyways? When I take the tour of the laser I’m sure I’ll see some stuff. And foggy fireworks are just part of the Silicon Valley experience.

Princess Mononoke
The blood is from sucking blood out of the wolf’s infected bullet wound. Mononoke is pure amazingness.

Over the weekend, I went back up to Davis to watch Studio Ghibli films with a friend of mine! I’d only ever watched Ponyo, which is apparently the Studio Ghibli film for five year olds. So we saw Howl’s Moving Castle, Laputa, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. I now want to be Princess Mononoke when I grow up. I was then regaled with tales of my friends internships, which are quite cool! One is working for a biotech lab and put the final touches on a battery that can go on devices that are being put into pigs. Basically, at the moment the batteries cannot be recharged, so they go into the pig with all the charge they will need for the life of the pig. But that’s a fairly large object to put into a small animal, and it would be much more humane to be able to recharge the pig with a blanket. So he’s working on that. Another friend of mine is working two internships, one at a 3D printer lab, the other at a neuroscience lab. At the 3D printer lab, she’s printing out all the devices that the grad students want to make, but don’t know how to print. At the neuroscience lab, she’s helping put electrodes in rat brains to study neuroscience. Apparently it's mostly soldering things. The employees are mostly grad students, which is pretty cool since she’s going into her sophomore year.

Also, I finally got my check. LLNL had sent my check up to Davis because I forgot to update my address. So I went to the mail room to ask where it was. They told me that they either hadn’t received it yet, or they had already forwarded it to my address. They didn’t know which because they didn’t keep track of the mail that went through. So I went up to catch the train. Then 20 minutes before the train left, they told me that they actually had been keeping my check in their mailroom this whole time! 20 minutes sounds like a good time margin, but I had no bike or car! So it took about 40 minutes to walk to the mail room and get my check, and another 40 minutes to walk back. So I missed the train. But I caught the next one so it was okay, and the ride had nice views.

May you be ever victorious in your future endeavors!