Interview results and Jello Biafra

Hello World!

When I applied to be hyperloop lead, there were a couple positions that I applied for. Power lead, controls lead, breaks lead, etc. The only positions that I didn’t apply for were business lead, because I’m not particularly skilled in that area yet, and president, because I’m a freshman and most of the other applicants were seniors and masters students. The current president is this really awesome senior who is probably going to be working for spinlaunch next year.

The competition was really strong, so I wasn’t really expecting to get the lead position. However, in the middle of the session, the controls lead told me to go to the next room and told me that I was now the lead for the power subteam! Essentially, it was my job to ensure that our pod had some way of powering all the systems so that it would move. I’m a computer engineer, not a mechanical engineer, but this seemed like something that I could do. He then told me about the other leads, who are all really awesome people who I’m excited to work with next year. Then he told me that they had decided to make me president.

So I’m definitely happy to be the president, but mostly I’m just confused. I’m a programmer, not a mechanical engineer, and the president of the hyperloop team has to make sure that all the systems work together, as well as helping to design them. If it were just a position where I had to make sure that 62 people came to all the meetings, I would be fine, but I’m going to have to be doing some serious engineering next year. So I accepted the position, and am certainly happy to have it, but like I said I’m mostly just confused. Also, why did they make me president and the power lead? Does this mean I have to be president of myself? This makes no sense!

Anyways, that was exciting and extremely unexpected.


The UC Davis drone club had up their drone fair, so I got to see some neat drones that undergraduates had helped design! Most of the drones were used to send off a camera payload and photograph the views from where it flew, but some were done experimentally. By that I mean they conducted an experiment as to whether or not they could make a drone. One of them was designed to deliver one kilogram of first aid equipment into regions that are not accessible by land! I feel like that’s the same as any other drone that can carry 1k of weight, but maybe there’s some other differences I don’t know about. Some of the drones were donated, but I actually though that the best ones were made by the students. I thought medical drone looked especially neat.


I may also be designing the website for the mom of one of my friends, which would be cool. And since she’s a really good painter, I really want to see if I can do it in exchange for this painting I’ve wanted for a while.

You see, I’m a huge Dead Kennedy’s fan, especially of their lead singer Jello Biafra. I’ve often though that if most tech workers had a picture in their room of Jello Biafra looking really angry, the world would be a better place. I’d go into why I think that, but that’s a bit to politicy. Anyways, for a while I’ve wanted this picture of him but with color, looking kind of like a spectral demon, with the Salesforce tower in the background, and with the anger in his eyes turned up to 11. The only issue is whether my roommate will approve of having a painting of an angry demon/ghost/punk vocalist. As you can see, he does look kinda scary. But I’ll figure that out some other time!


Other than that, not much happened other than seeing Endgame a second time (which was AWESOME!).

May you be ever victorious in your endeavors!